2019 GCBA North Dakota Misson Trip july 12th-20th

We are planning for this summer's mission trip to the the Turtle Mountain Reservation now! Registration packet available here!

Watch our 2018 trip slideshow below!

We had a great time on our trip. We had 9 different ministry sites on the Turtle Mountain reservation loving on kids and sharing Jesus with them, a team working to explore Church Planting on the Reservation, a team of North Dakotans putting on a VBS for a church in Rolette, which is just outside the Reservation where we also had a block party to get the community involved, and a building team serving the community at Bottineau Winter Park.  We had hundreds of great conversations and saw over 30 salvations!

2018 Mission Trip Recap

We would love for you to join us Sunday July, 22 @ 6:30 in the fellowship hall as the youth tell about this years trip to North Dakota. God has done  and continues to do a mighty work through this trip and we would love to share it with you. SO COME JOIN US!  Refreshments will be served.

North dakota mission trip

Packing List

Clothes for Sunday

Jeans or Khakis (NO SHORTS!)

Turtle Mountain Mission T-shirt (provided)

Clothes for the week


Tennis shoes and socks, etc…

Shorts, Jeans, T-shirts, etc…

Light jacket or sweatshirt (remember, this is almost Canada and sometimes it can become chilly)

Money For 7 Meals During Travel


Other stuff to bring

Bible, pen/pencil, journal

Linens - bed roll (air bed, sheets, pillow, blanket, or sleeping bag), bath towels, wash cloth, etc. (Most, if not all, will have beds with mattresses in Bottineau but we overnight in a church on the way up and back)


Toilet articles (deodorant, soap, toothbrush, etc.) 

Bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses

A personal water bottle is a great idea

Personal medication etc.

Please bring your medical insurance card and/or prescription card or a copy of these.

Spending money (for activities on the day off, candy, soda, food, etc.) 

Flashlight, umbrella, light rain coat (optional) 

Shower Shoes (optional)  Showers are not!


YES! Of course, LADIES, you can bring: 

- Mid-thigh length shorts, jeans, pants, t-shirts, tennis shoes, sandals, etc. for day ministry.


YES! Of course, GUYS, you can bring: 

- Shorts, jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes, sandals for day 

- Slacks, jeans, nice walking shorts, shirts at night


Things NOT to Bring:

- VALUABLE ARTICLES - such as jewelry, expensive clothes, etc.



- NO t-shirts with any alcohol, tobacco, rock groups (unless Christian), skull and crossbones, or questionable slogans


Remember… Anything you take on this trip can become lost, stolen, broken or left behind


Girls in the interest of modesty please do not plan on wearing; white long or Capri pants, spaghetti strap shirts/dresses without an over shirt, tight form fitting shirts, mini skirts, yoga pants, leggings as pants, backless or off the shoulder dresses, short shorts, midriffs, crop tops, tube tops, halter tops, or pants or shorts with writing on the back. 


Guys in the interest of modesty please do not plan on wearing, biker shorts alone, speedo to swim in, tank tops, cutoff or cut out t-shirts, pants that show off your underwear. 


You may take 1 bedroll (sleeping bag) 1 suit case and 1 backpack that will ride with you on your van.  Please pack in a way that your bedroll and backpack/carry-on will have everything you need for our overnight stop on the way and the second day travel.  We will not get suitcases out at our overnight stop.


Consider this the standard: If you have to ask if it’s appropriate…the answer is “No.” If what you are wearing causes you to be the center of attention… you need to wear something else.

Please be advised that any student in violation of the dress code will be asked to change immediately, no matter what time of day. Student pastors and adult chaperones from each church are responsible for making sure their own students’ attire is appropriate.


- ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT –Cell Phones, personal music devices (IPODs, etc.), personal video game equipment (Gameboy, PSP, etc.)  will be allowed on the trip, but will not be used once we are in North Dakota.

Personal interaction with others on the trip is essential to team building and working together. Cell phones will be permitted for calls to your parents or for coordination in North Dakota. We are on mission; text messages and calls from friends back home distract us and divide our attention. Give this week wholly to Jesus and his work in and through you.