Youth Ministry

Here at FBC we refer to youth as students that are in the 7th - 12th Grade: if this is you, then we have got stuff going on. 

  • Throughout the year we do a few major events including concerts, conferences, and missions trips. 
  • During the school year our basic schedule includes Bible Study clases on Sunday mornings from 9:45 until 10:45. 
  • Classes availible are: 7th, 8th & 9th grade Boys, 7th, 8th & 9th grade girls and a coed class for those in 10th, 11th & 12th grade. 
  • The WNB. On Wednesday nights we offer up a spiritual   buffet that we call the Wednesday Night Buffet from 6:30  - 7:45. We start out with the "complementary Entree" which has an activity, a film clip and a short Bible study on a topic of interest to the students. When that is done; you get to choose a small group study of your choice. 
  • Also sprinkled throughout the year we will have movie nights, game nights and other activities. 
  • Our summer mission trip is a week long time to grow and be involved with hands on ministry. This last summer we went to Bottineau, North Dakota and work on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation.